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TRUMP Prozeß & Urteil einfiel ....

Eine Aus­wahl von Kari­ka­tu­ren die aus ver­schie­de­nen Quel­len stammt (Urhe­ber oft in der Abbil­dung benannt; anson­sten gilt → Fair Use)
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Was mir am mei­sten gefiel war 

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bookmark_borderFree, like in "make your own decisions"?

Ame­ri­ca, the beautiful.
Sure, but not in the part of the Ame­ri­cas that's called
"The United Sta­tes of America"
Land of the free?
Land whe­re school boards fil­led with bigots ban books from libraries.
Land of the free?
There's more free­dom in many of the under­de­ve­lo­ped count­ries around the world than in the USA.

It's high time to que­sti­on if a coun­try boasting with 'we bring free­dom and demo­cra­cy to peo­p­le around the world' but does so only to bene­fit their big­gest corporation's pro­fits can actual­ly be such an example.

The 'Third Reich' star­ted - as one of it's first actions - to ban books & burn them!

And histo­ry tells how it ended ....

Quel­le der (bearbeiteten/aktualisierten) Abbil­dung →

bookmark_borderInsufficient Evidence

To the sur­pri­se of almost ever­yo­ne fami­li­ar with the sub­ject Pre­si­dent Trump didn't sign the recent­ly finis­hed and agreed upon bill for - among other pro­vi­si­ons - a check of US$ 600.00 as COVID-19 reli­ef. It is now high­ly que­stionable that the money will be paid out this year, lea­ving the nee­dy, hun­gry and tho­se threa­ten­ed with evic­tion in limbo.

Mul­ti­ple TV out­lets and the press imme­dia­te­ly star­ted to search for moti­ves the still on the loo­se Pre­si­dent may have to act this way. Ulte­ri­or moti­ves? No, cer­tain­ly not, con­side­ring his up-to-now dis­re­gard of anything per­tai­ning to anyo­ne but hims­elf. A sud­den chan­ge of mind about the demands, the actions nee­ded the Demo­crats have been plea­ding for? Nope, he wouldn't do that for tho­se he sees accoun­ta­ble for the 'ste­al', his loss in the election.

It must be his fight for the top posi­ti­on in the future of the Repu­bli­can par­ty - try­ing to under­mi­ne the actions of the Sena­te lea­der Mitch McCon­nell, whom he des­pi­ses espe­ci­al­ly becau­se McCon­nell recent­ly ack­now­led­ged Pre­si­dent-elect Joe Biden's vic­to­ry in the 2020 Pre­si­den­ti­al Elec­tion. While doing so he kills two birds with one stone: Stay the top poli­ti­ci­an in the par­ty and piss off a per­cei­ved enemy. 

So whe­re is this going to go?

The demo­crats shouldn't bar­gain and let the Repu­bli­cans fight it out among them­sel­ves. If no agree­ment is rea­ched they will be able to hand out the money after the inau­gu­ra­ti­on wit­hout having to swal­low crow as offe­red by their opponents.

Zur Über­ra­schung fast aller, die mit dem The­ma ver­traut sind, uin­ter­schrieb Prä­si­dent Trump die kürz­lich abge­schlos­se­ne und ver­ein­bar­te Gesetz­ge­bung nicht, die - unter ande­rem - einen Scheck über 600,00 US-Dol­lar als COVID-19-Aus­gleichs­zah­lung vor­sah. Es ist jetzt höchst frag­lich, ob das Geld in die­sem Jahr aus­ge­zahlt wird, so dass Bedürf­ti­ge, Hung­ri­ge und von Räu­mung bedroh­te Men­schen in der Schwe­be bleiben.

Meh­re­re Fern­seh­sen­der und die Pres­se began­nen sofort, nach Moti­ven zu suchen, die der noch-auf-frei­em-Fuß-befind­li­che Prä­si­dent mög­li­cher­wei­se haben könn­te. Altru­isti­sche Moti­ve? Nein, bestimmt nicht, wenn man bedenkt, dass er bis­her alles außer sich selbst miss­ach­tet hat. Eine plötz­li­che Ände­rung der Mei­nung über die For­de­run­gen, die Maß­nah­men, für die die Demo­kra­ten plä­diert haben? Nein, er wür­de das nicht für die­je­ni­gen tun, die er für den "Dieb­stahl", sei­nen Ver­lust bei den Wah­len, ver­ant­wort­lich sieht.

Es muss sein Kampf um die Spit­zen­po­si­ti­on in der Zukunft der Repu­bli­ka­ni­schen Par­tei sein - der Ver­such, die Aktio­nen des Senats­vor­sit­zen­den Mitch McCon­nell , den er beson­ders ver­ach­tet, weil McCon­nell kürz­lich den Sieg des Prä­si­den­ten­kan­di­da­ten Joe Biden bei den Prä­si­dent­schafts­wah­len 2020 aner­kannt hat. Dabei tötet er zwei Flie­gen mit einer Klap­pe: Er bleibt der ton­an­ge­ben­de Poli­ti­ker der Par­tei (Repu­bli­ka­ner) und ver­är­gert zugleich sei­nen ver­meint­li­chen Feind.

Also, wohin führt das?

Die Demo­kra­ten soll­ten nicht ver­han­deln und die Repu­bli­ka­ner unter­ein­an­der kämp­fen las­sen. Wenn kei­ne Eini­gung erzielt wird, kön­nen sie das Geld nach der Amts­ein­füh­rung aus­hän­di­gen, ohne die von ihren Geg­nern ange­bo­te­ne Krö­te schlucken zu müssen.

bookmark_borderKurz & klar ....

Auf dem T-Shirt steht:
- rede­fi­ning stupid
one tweet at a time

und wenn man es (sin­nerhal­tend) über­set­zen woll­te hie­ße es:
die Neu­de­fi­ni­ti­on von dumm
ein tweet nach dem anderen

Wie unschwer zu erken­nen ist han­delt es sich um eine recht holp­ri­ge Aus­sa­ge wenn man die deut­sche Ver­si­on liest. Die eng­li­sche Ver­si­on klingt wesent­lich ele­gan­ter und kommt mit weni­ger Wor­ten aus. Das mag auch ein Grund dafür sein, dass es rund um die Welt als erste Fremd­spra­che an erster Stel­le steht. Außer viel­leicht bei den Fran­zo­sen - die ler­nen lie­ber Spa­nisch oder, wenn es gar nicht anders geht, Deutsch.

Spa­nisch klingt es auch bes­ser als Deutsch:
- rede­fi­ni­en­do estúpido
uno tweet tras otro

bookmark_borderRemarks on "Friendship"

How does one defi­ne "fri­end­ship"? Is it like: "Two birds of a fea­ther stick togeh­ter"? I guess so. We choo­se fri­ends to be simi­lar to what we are, not ali­ke, just similar.

How do we know, someone is a true fri­end? We don´t - ever! What we see is how a per­son acts, and we might be con­vin­ced that this guy or gal is our fri­end - but we can never be sure .... unless fri­end­ship is pro­ven, unless we have gone through hard times and did pre­vail becau­se a fri­end jum­ped in to sup­port us.

Let me tell you a true sto­ry - about a true friend:
When I went to the United Sta­tes in 1963 I was all by mys­elf, no fami­ly, no fri­ends. When I left the USA after my exch­an­ge year I had won one true fri­end - for life!

One day, when I wal­ked to school, a guy stop­ped at the curb and asked me if I nee­ded a ride home. I accept­ed and jum­ped in. Wow, a 63´ con­ver­ti­ble, one of tho­se you see in James-Dean-movies (which is gre­at now, but at that time it was just what the cars were like, no big deal). I got my ride home, and next mor­ning the car pul­led up into my foster parent´s dri­ve­way, Jim - which was his name - picked me up for school. To make the long sto­ry short: This went on every day, until my last day in High-School, i.e. Gou­ver­neur Seni­or High, GHS.

From late August 1963 to June 1964 we got to be the best bud­dies in the world, went through a lot of good and bad times, got into trou­ble here and the­re, but our fri­end­ship grew from day to day. We both had a few "affairs", not­hing real­ly serious, not­hing that kept us from fishing, movies and par­ties. We even play­ed in the Seni­or "Dra­ma" tog­e­ther. Jim won the "Dea­no­ni­an", a speech con­test, I had to do a lot of spee­ches for clubs like the LIONS, ROTARY, 4H, "Future Home­ma­kers of Ame­ri­ca" etc., we sat in front of the TV tog­e­ther in late ´63, when Pre­si­dent Kenn­dy was asas­si­na­ted, when the news about Ame­ri­can sol­diers get­ting kil­led in Viet­nam star­ted to appear on TV.

We knew, it would be hard to part, to let go and both live on dif­fe­rent con­ti­nents after June ´64! We made plans how to keep cont­act, who was going to visit whom at which time - but fate would have it - it was all futile!

I had two more years to go to School in Ger­ma­ny, Jim joi­n­ed the Navy, we had lots of chan­ges of address - and final­ly my mail kept coming back "return to sen­der, reci­pi­ent unknown"! We had lost touch, ouch!

OK, let me tell you, how we got in touch again: It was due to the INTERNET! I lear­ned that one was able to search for peo­p­le at US-tele­pho­ne sites. I did. I found my good old bud­dy, who was - again - living in the Sta­te of New York, after he had been in West Vir­gi­nia and Washing­ton (Sta­te!). So much luck. We made plans to see each other, tal­ked on the pho­ne for hours, on the inter­net, too.

How do I know he is still my best fri­end? He would go out of his way to sup­port me, just like he did the first few months when I deci­ded to live in the USA for some time - may­be forever.

After we had not seen each other for more than 30 years, I was living in his hou­se, dro­ve one of his cars, got help in wha­te­ver situa­ti­on I nee­ded it, got advice how to do things and acti­ve help to set up an account at a local bank, to get a place to live in, to get a pho­ne, to get a driver´s licen­se - I could go on like this, it would be the lon­gest list ever.

How many of you would do a thing like this? How many of you would open your hou­se to a fri­end after 30 years "no see"? Think about it, and you will under­stand what "true" fri­end­ship is. Thanks again, Jim, God bless you!

That´s it for today, sor­ry, no "remarks" tomor­row, the next topic will be on on Sun­day and it will be "Bemer­kun­gen zu Hin­der­nis­sen / Rer­marks about Obs­ta­cles." In Eng­lish again, to acquaint you with chan­ging lan­guages .... see you!

bookmark_border"Bemerkungen zu Hindernissen / Remarks on Obstacles."

"We shall over­co­me .... some day", that´s what made peo­p­le tick in the six­ties - but did it real­ly hap­pen, did they reach the goals they had, did they suc­ce­ed in over­co­ming the obs­ta­cles socie­ty, the gou­vern­ment, the estab­lish­ment had in store for them?

The flower-power-days are over, histo­ry. Not­hing achie­ved, war whe­re­ver you look, the world is a mess, impe­ria­lism stron­ger than ever: "The Pre­ven­ti­ve Strike" sub­sti­tu­tes decent poli­tics and reason.

Do we have an obli­ga­ti­on to try and chan­ge things, to push har­der to get the obs­ta­cles out of our way?

Let me compa­re the ener­gy we have in ear­ly stages of our lives to a bat­tery - no, not the rech­ar­geable type, one of tho­se old-fashio­ned ones you buy, use and then throw away. When­ever we enga­ge in brin­ging about chan­ges we use up some of our ener­gy. This drains our bat­tery, we have a litt­le less left to use. Now this goes on for years, and, depen­ding on how much and how often we try to do things, the bat­tery loo­ses power. Soo­ner or later we rea­li­ze how much has gone alre­a­dy - and that we need to be careful to keep wha­te­ver is left or at least use it more eco­no­mic­al­ly in the time to come - becau­se we do not want the bat­tery to be total­ly out of power befo­re time.

But what about the obs­ta­cles in this world? Did they get less on the way? May­be to a cer­tain degree, but not much at all. Do I feel bad about not "stop­ping it all"? No, there´s a gene­ra­ti­on after mine, wai­ting to use up their batteries!

Get at it, start doing it, but ask yours­elf - wha­te­ver you want to do - is it worth the energy?

The next topic will be Bemer­kun­gen über Zim­mer­pflan­zen. Sor­ry, tomorrow´s "remarks" in Ger­man only .... bye!