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Lügen dass sich die Bal­ken bie­gen ken­nen wir nur noch sel­ten in einer sol­chen Aus­prä­gung wie in den Noti­zen unten gezeigt wird. Jahr­zente­lan­ge Leug­nung des von die­ser Indu­strie ver­ur­sach­ten Kli­ma­wan­dels - und immer noch gibt es welt­weit Poli­ti­ker, die an dem alten Mär­chen fest­hal­ten!


Bri­san­te Studie
Ölkon­zern belog die Welt jahr­zehn­te­lang über die [zu erwar­ten­de] Klimakrise.

Reve­a­led: Exxon made ‘breath­ta­kin­gly’ accu­ra­te cli­ma­te pre­dic­tions in 1970s and 80s
".. The oil giant Exxon pri­va­te­ly “pre­dic­ted glo­bal warm­ing cor­rect­ly and skilful­ly” only to then spend deca­des publicly rub­bis­hing such sci­ence in order to pro­tect its core busi­ness, new rese­arch has found. .."

Asses­sing ExxonMobil’s glo­bal warm­ing projections
".. Insi­der knowledge
For deca­des, some mem­bers of the fos­sil fuel indu­stry tried to con­vin­ce the public that a cau­sa­ti­ve link bet­ween fos­sil fuel use and cli­ma­te warm­ing could not be made becau­se the models used to pro­ject warm­ing were too uncer­tain. Supran et al. show that one of tho­se fos­sil fuel com­pa­nies, Exxon­Mo­bil, had their own inter­nal models that pro­jec­ted warm­ing tra­jec­to­ries con­si­stent with tho­se fore­cast by the inde­pen­dent aca­de­mic and govern­ment models. What they under­s­tood about cli­ma­te models thus con­tra­dic­ted what they led the public to belie­ve. —HJS .."

Wer an den fos­si­len Brenn­stof­fen und Ener­gie­trä­gern verdient

wer verdingt an fossilen

Zum Frack­ing:

What we have found,” says Bas­ka­ran, who scou­red the sci­en­ti­fic lite­ra­tu­re on oil­field radio­ac­ti­vi­ty in pre­pa­ring the rese­arch, “is that the oil and gas indu­stry pro­du­ces an enorm­ous amount of radioactivity.”

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Gro­wing List of Frack­ing Con­cerns Now Inclu­des Radioactivity
".. One mor­ning in the fall of 2019, just as the sun was begin­ning to poke through a lay­er of over­night fog, a for­mer Army che­mist and explo­si­ves expert living in Phil­adel­phia named Chri­sti­na Digiu­lio set out on her motor­cy­cle, a Har­ley David­son Night­ster, wea­ring paja­mas under her motor­cy­cle gear and car­ry­ing a por­ta­ble radia­ti­on detec­tor cal­led the GQ GMC 500 Plus.
It was humid with a slight bree­ze as she rode down a slo­pe on Litt­le Cone­sto­ga Road in Upper Uwchlan Town­ship, an afflu­ent and gene­ral­ly slee­py Che­ster Coun­ty sub­urb, just west of Phil­adel­phia. She was not riding aim­less­ly, but hea­ded toward a pump sta­ti­on that had been fla­ring off emis­si­ons from a natu­ral gas liquids (NGL) pipeline.
“My Gei­ger coun­ter star­ted going cra­zy,” recalls Digiu­lio. “It was almost like a cloud was han­ging. And I was inha­ling it.” .."