bookmark_borderLetter to a friend

.... living in the United States
& who sent me a link to this artic­le.

Dear fri­end,

I am sur­pri­sed how anyo­ne would be afraid of the small num­ber of asyl­um see­kers ente­ring Euro­pe - small in com­pa­ri­son to the actu­al num­ber of citi­zens: We (in Ger­ma­ny) had about 450,000 regi­stered asyl­um see­kers up to now, with about 600,000 peo­p­le insi­de the coun­try regi­stered as refu­gees but not yet regi­stered as asy­lants. The­se are the lar­gest group in all of the Euro­pean countries.

Com­pared to our popu­la­ti­on of 83,000,000 this is a very small pro­por­ti­on, in fact it's 1,27% of inco­ming new citi­zens - and this num­ber is going to shrink becau­se not all here now will be accept­ed to stay.

As to the link you sent:

was a clo­se ally of the U.S.A., backed becau­se of the inte­rest of your coun­try in the oil sur­faced the­re. Sin­ce the Shah (Rhe­za Pah­le­wi) tur­ned away from the Ame­ri­cans and star­ted to seek alter­na­ti­ves in the for­mer USSR and emer­ging Chi­na he was no lon­ger backed and the oppo­si­ti­on to his dic­ta­to­ry rule, sup­port­ed by the cle­rics, came to power.

had been attacked by the for­mer USSR and the Ame­ri­cans backed the Tali­ban to keep the Rus­si­ans busy & occu­py their tro­ops so that they would not be a thre­at elsewhere.

in recent years the U.S.A. star­ted a series of wars [direct: Kuwait, Irak, Afgha­ni­stan; indi­rect: Leba­non, Syria, Tune­sia.] in the Midd­le East to sta­bi­li­ze the ste­ady flow of oil from this region.
Whe­re­ver the US inter­ven­ed - dri­ven by the assump­ti­on that all count­ries should embrace the same prin­ci­ples as they do them­sel­ves - it ended in disaster.

The rea­son we have so many asyl­um see­kers - to con­clude from the abo­ve - is the US action in the Midd­le East, dis­pla­cing Mil­li­ons that are fle­e­ing from war & des­truc­tion in their count­ries [Afgha­ni­stan, North Afri­ca, Syria].

Today's United Sta­tes thri­ve from two factors:
Sel­ling arms & com­pu­ter tech­no­lo­gy - and doing ALL nec­ces­sa­ry to make this pos­si­ble. Even at the cost of human suf­fe­ring & star­va­ti­on, with more and more reck­less means, kee­ping a mili­ta­ry force that eats up the majo­ri­ty of the bud­get, while neglec­ting infras­truc­tu­re and education.

Trea­ties like TPP / TTIP and the like and enfor­cing a copy­right law bene­fi­ci­al only to the big US play­ers are used to with­stand any desi­red chan­ges by the rest of the world, while kee­ping a tight grip on infor­ma­ti­on by spy­ing on every citi­zen in every coun­try on this pla­net via NSA.

May­be you haven't realized:
The United Sta­tes is a high secu­ri­ty pri­son in its­elf. With tight con­trols [body scan, fin­ger­prin­ting, iris scan] & the decis­i­on who is let in and out at the bor­der assi­gned to medio­cre ser­vants who don't have the per­so­na­li­ty nee­ded when han­ded over power like this - it's almost like "The Tru­man Show" at a some­what dif­fe­rent level.

To sum up:
The US actions around the glo­be are desta­bi­li­zing many count­ries who­se citi­zens then seek a bet­ter life else­whe­re - like in Europe.

It's not the expan­si­on of Islam, it's the nar­row mind­set of fun­da­men­tal chri­sti­an belie­vers in the U.S.A. caus­ing this mass migra­ti­on by try­ing to defend the United Sta­tes against a thre­at that doesn't real­ly exist - except in their minds. And it's the action of big cor­po­ra­ti­ons kee­ping their busi­ness of sel­ling wea­pons rol­ling by stir­ring up con­flict all around the world by stee­ring the US gouvernment(s) & secret ser­vices to initia­te turm­oil and des­truc­tion of elec­ted enti­ties elsewhere.

Sor­ry if this isn't what you may have expec­ted as an answer.
Let's keep fri­ends anyway ....