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Wört­li­ches Zitat aus die­ser Quelle:
"5 Worries Par­ents Should Drop, And 5 They Shouldn't"

" .. It turns out most par­ents are worry­ing about all the wrong things. The­se worries that we have are so rare," says Chri­stie Bar­nes, mother of four and aut­hor of ""The Para­no­id Par­ents Gui­de"". It’s like packing a snow sho­vel in case it snows in Las Vegas. Based on sur­veys Bar­nes collec­ted, the top five worries of par­ents are, in order:

  1. Kid­nap­ping
  2. School sni­pers
  3. Ter­ro­rists
  4. Dan­ge­rous strangers
  5. Drugs

But how do child­ren real­ly get hurt or killed?

  1. Car acci­dents
  2. Homic­i­de - usual­ly com­mit­ted by a per­son who knows the child, not a stranger
  3. Abu­se
  4. Sui­ci­de
  5. Drow­ning

Why such a big dis­crepan­cy bet­ween worries and rea­li­ty? Bar­nes says par­ents fixa­te on rare events becau­se they inter­na­li­ze hor­ri­fic sto­ries they hear on the news or from a friend without stop­ping to think about the odds the same thing could hap­pen to their children.

"I’d love it if every news sto­ry came with a litt­le warning at the bot­tom that said, 'Even though this is very tra­gic, this is 1 in 10 mil­li­on, 1 in a mil­li­on or 1 in 20', " says Barnes.

This unnecessa­ry worry­ing, she argues, is detri­men­tal to par­ents. The stress worry-wracked par­ents endu­re can harm their health and their rela­ti­ons­hips with other adults. Also, focu­sing on rare dan­gers dis­tracts par­ents from the dan­gers that matter.

As for child­ren, Bar­nes says that over­pro­tec­ti­ve­ness will hurt them in the long run by making them less resi­li­ent. "We’re tea­ching them to be hel­pless," she says. "And becau­se we’re so afraid of the world, we’re tea­ching them to be afraid of the world .. "

Mei­ne Ver­mu­tung ist, daß man das auch auf unse­re Ver­hält­nis­se 1:1 über­tra­gen kann. Nimmt man dann noch die - von der ein­schlä­gi­gen Pres­se, den Her­stel­lern und den "Ratgeber"-Schreibern gern genutz­ten The­men "Hygie­ne", "Krank­heit" und "Schul­ver­sa­gen" dazu, so wird unge­fähr deut­lich war­um sich vie­le jun­ge Eltern total über­for­dert füh­len müs­sen ....