Ein Zitat ....

zur Dis­kus­si­on um die WIKILEAKS-Veröffentlichung

" .. You men­tal midgets:
Govern­ments aren't peo­p­le and if the majo­ri­ty of Ame­ri­can mouth brea­thers had a bet­ter under­stan­ding of this fact we wouldn't be in the­se wars in the first place. All the­se slack jawed com­ment­ers who try thro­wing up their BS° pseu­do-patri­ot ide­as like ' ..the govern­ment needs secrets and the govern­ment is doing this to pro­tect inno­cent people ..'
You don't even live in anything clo­se­ly resembling rea­li­ty and you are the pro­blem with the world today. You are the same dul­lards that belie­ve that Ame­ri­ca is the land of the free when we have the hig­hest inc­ar­ce­ra­ti­on rate in the world and that the US is the good guys when we have kil­led more inno­cent men, women and child­ren than all "ter­ro­rist" groups combined. .. "

° = bull­shit, in den U.S.A. wäre der aus­ge­schrie­be­ne Begriff ein Anlaß zum Löschen des Kommentares.

Her­vor­he­bun­gen und Glie­de­run­gen z.T. der bes­se­ren Les­bar­keit wegen geändert ....

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