Blinder Pilot .... ?

A man was fly­ing from Seat­tle to San Fran­cis­co and the pla­ne had a lay­o­ver in Sacra­men­to The flight atten­dant explai­ned that the­re would be a delay, and if the pas­sen­gers wan­ted to get off the air­craft, the pla­ne would re-board in one hour. Ever­y­bo­dy got off the pla­ne except one gentleman.

Ano­ther man had noti­ced him as he wal­ked by and could tell the gen­tle­man was blind becau­se his See­ing Eye dog lay quiet­ly under­neath the seats in front of him throug­hout the enti­re flight.

He could also tell that he had flown this very flight befo­re becau­se the pilot approa­ched him, and cal­ling him by name, said,
"Keith, we're in Sacra­men­to for an hour, would you like to get off and stretch your legs?"

The blind man replied,
"No thanks, but may­be my dog would like to stretch his legs."

Now pic­tu­re this:
All the peo­p­le in the gate area came to a com­ple­te standstill when they loo­ked up and saw the pilot walk off the pla­ne with a See­ing Eye dog! The pilot was even wea­ring sun­glas­ses. Peo­p­le scat­te­red. They not only tried to chan­ge pla­nes, but they were try­ing to chan­ge airlines!

True sto­ry ....
Have a gre­at day and remember ....
Things aren't always as they appear ....

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