The SonicStar ....

The Sonic­Star air­craft will be twice as fast as Con­cor­de - so quick that tra­ve­ling from Lon­don to New York will take just two hours. It was unvei­led at the Paris Air Show.
This is what the Sonic­Star air­craft looks like ....
Long-ran­ge crui­se speed Mach 3.1
High-speed crui­se speed Mach 3.4
Engi­nes Two Sonic­Blue S-MAGJET Hybrid Super­so­nic 4000-X Series
Thrust Flat-rated to 54,700 lb
Wing area 1,800 squa­re feet
Landing distance 4,800 ft
Ran­ge 6,000 nau­ti­cal miles
Hig­hest Altitude 62,000 ft

  [via e-mail; source unknown.]