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Superb pho­tos of a cow elk giving birth to her calf right next to the Admi­ni­stra­ti­on buil­ding at Yel­low­s­tone Natio­nal Park head­quar­ters in Mam­mo­th Hot Springs! You can see how wild­life and peo­p­le can live tog­e­ther har­mo­nious­ly. And I figu­re it is one of the few places in the Yel­low­s­tone area whe­re a cow elk can safe­ly have her calf wit­hout it being eaten imme­dia­te­ly by a grizz­ly or a wolf!
© Tim Reid; Chief Ran­ger; Yel­low­s­tone Natio­nal Park