"Quote(-s) of the Day"

Autor: H.L.Menken,
the quo­ta­ble Bard of Bal­ti­more who always hit the nail on the head ....

A good politician
is quite as unthinkable
as an honest burglar.

The who­le aim of prac­ti­cal politics
is to keep the popu­lace alarmed
(and hence clamo­rous to be led to safety)
by men­acing it with an end­less series of hobgoblins,
all of them imaginary.*

Demo­cra­cy is also a form of worship.
It is the wor­ship of Jack­als by Jackasses.

* Jüng­stes Beispiel:
Die Auf­for­de­rung von Frau Bät­zing wäh­rend der Schwan­ger­schaft 'absti­nent' zu sein ....

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