Erdöl in Massen verfügbar ....

War doch klar, daß die Lüge von der "End­lich­keit der Ölvor­rä­te" eine pure Erfin­dung der Erd­öl­kon­zer­ne ist um die Prei­se hochzutreiben ...!

" .. Oil is for­med con­ti­nu­al­ly within the earth by geo­lo­gi­cal pro­ce­s­ses and will not the­r­e­fo­re run-out, in con­trast to the opi­ni­on of peak-oil ana­lysts who belie­ve pro­duc­tion will decli­ne during the next cou­ple of deca­des accor­ding to Hub­bert Peak theo­ry. It is thought that life at the level of bac­te­ria exists in an enorm­ous realm within the earth's crust down to depths of about 10 kilo­me­ters, fee­ding-off petro­le­um and using iron oxi­des as an oxi­dizing agent to extra­ct ener­gy from it... "

Aus: Vast Oil and Life in the Deep-Earth.
On the pre­sence of bac­te­ri­al life in the Earth's crust down to a depth of about 10 kilometers.