Free, like in "make your own decisions"?

Ame­ri­ca, the beautiful.
Sure, but not in the part of the Ame­ri­cas that's called
"The United Sta­tes of America"
Land of the free?
Land whe­re school boards fil­led with bigots ban books from libraries.
Land of the free?
There's more free­dom in many of the under­de­ve­lo­ped count­ries around the world than in the USA.

It's high time to que­sti­on if a coun­try boasting with 'we bring free­dom and demo­cra­cy to peo­p­le around the world' but does so only to bene­fit their big­gest corporation's pro­fits can actual­ly be such an example.

The 'Third Reich' star­ted - as one of it's first actions - to ban books & burn them!

And histo­ry tells how it ended ....

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