" .. we are the sole nation
capable of exercising global leadership .. "

.. Pre­si­dent Oba­ma came into office as the heir to a gre­at for­eign poli­cy lega­cy enjoy­ed by every recent U.S. pre­si­dent. Why? Becau­se the United Sta­tes stands on top of the power lad­der, not neces­s­a­ri­ly as the domi­nant power, but cer­tain­ly as the lea­ding one. As such we are the sole nati­on capa­ble of exer­cis­ing glo­bal lea­der­ship on a who­le ran­ge of inter­na­tio­nal issues from secu­ri­ty, trade, and cli­ma­te to coun­ter­ter­ro­rism. We also bene­fit from the fact that most count­ries distrust the United Sta­tes far less than they distrust one ano­ther, so we uni­que­ly have the power to build coali­ti­ons. As a result, most of the world still looks to Washing­ton for help in their regi­on and pro­tec­tion against poten­ti­al regio­nal threats .. "

[zitiert aus: Mor­ti­mer B. Zucker­man: World Sees Oba­ma as Incom­pe­tent and Ama­teur; The pre­si­dent is well-inten­tio­ned but can't walk the walk on the world stage; Posted June 18, 2010]

So redet ein Ame­ri­ka­ner. Ver­blen­det und durch die gleich­ge­schal­te­ten Medi­en total von der Wirk­lich­keit in die­ser Welt ent­frem­det. Indok­tri­niert. Blind für die 'wirk­li­che' Sicht vie­ler Natio­nen auf Ame­ri­ka - der Bevöl­ke­rung die­ser Natio­nen, nicht der Poli­ti­ker à la Mer­kel, die sich vor soviel Groß­manns­geh­abe auch noch verbeugen ....

Auf­schluß­reich ist der erste Kom­men­tar zum Ori­gi­nal­ar­ti­kel:

" .. Ms. Mar­riott: Be careful Mr. Zucker­man, you are being way- to obvious. He who does not kiss the Jewish Ass, is incom­pe­tent. All 16 months of his being in office, you can tell, real­ly, real­ly. Per­haps he is gui­ded by hig­her prin­ci­ples than you and you just don't get it .. "

Das saß. Auf den Punkt. 

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