Ganz recht, eine Steu­er auf Son­nen­licht ...!

Das hat sich die Ener­gie­ver­sor­gungs­ge­sell­schaft in Ari­zo­na aus­ge­dacht - Ori­gi­nal­text aus dem Blog "":

Arizona's big­gest power uti­li­ty, Ari­zo­na Public Ser­vice (APS), has announ­ced their inten­ti­on to imple­ment what would effec­tively be a tax on the sun .. APS would like to start char­ging a mon­th­ly fee to sell clean power back to the grid (in their Orwel­li­an lan­guage, they call it a "con­ve­ni­ence char­ge"). A source says that that the fee could be of around $100/month or $1,200/year, enough to chan­ge the eco­no­mic attrac­ti­ve­ness of small systems. [No more free sun: Arizona's big­gest power uti­li­ty wants to tax solar]

Ich bin gespannt, wann hier bei uns die erste Gesell­schaft auf die Idee kommt ....