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Medi­cal Term  Red­neck Definition 
Artery The stu­dy of paintings
Bac­te­ria Back door to cafeteria
Bari­um What you do when pati­ents die
Benign What you be, after you be eight
Caesare­an Section A neigh­bor­hood in Rome
CAT scan Sear­ching for Kitty
Cau­te­ri­ze Made eye cont­act with her
Colic A sheep dog
Coma A punc­tua­ti­on mark
Dila­te To live long
Ene­ma Not a friend
Fester Quicker than someone else
Fibu­la A small lie
Impo­tent Distin­gu­is­hed, well known
Labor pain Get­ting hurt at work
Medi­cal Staff A doctor's cane
Mor­bid A hig­her offer
Nitra­tes Rates of Pay for Working at Night,
Nor­mal­ly more money than Days
Node I knew it
Out­pa­ti­ent A per­son who has fainted
Pel­vis Second cou­sin to Elvis
Post ope­ra­ti­ve A let­ter carrier
Reco­very room Place to do upholstery
Rec­tum Near­ly kil­led him
Secre­ti­on Hiding some­thing
Sei­zu­re A Roman Emperor
Tablet A small table
Ter­mi­nal Illness Get­ting sick at the airport
Tumor one plus one more
Uri­ne Oppo­si­te of 'you're out'