If the narrative doesn't fit - just ignore the comment
*update* March 28th

When I recent­ly read this post → Sta­te Unem­ployment Rates – Two Americas
I was sur­pri­sed by the con­clu­si­on, i.e. actual­ly I wasn't sur­pri­sed as this site usual­ly tends *far right* .... it's one of tho­se bia­sed looks at facts that sta­te some­thing that doesn't fit the long held belie­ves of the aut­hor - so what's easier than ben­ding the truth a litt­le to make it fit.

I rare­ly enga­ge in dis­cus­sions with such peo­p­le - but in this case I wan­ted to find out if my com­ment would be approved.
It wasn't.
No sur­pri­se, as I con­tra­dic­ted the nar­ra­ti­ve the aut­hor wan­ted to convey:
Red Sta­tes are OK, do well during the pan­de­mic - blue Sta­tes do bad and mess up during the pandemic.

Here's what I wro­te as a copy. 

To under­stand my com­ment you need to go to the post (link in the first line) and read what the con­clu­si­on was that's sta­ted the­re. And then come back and read what I ans­we­red .... and let me know if you agree or not.

*update* March 28th
I was wrong in my conclusion.
It just took more time than I thought would be nee­ded to rea­li­ze the­re is a com­ment to the post - now this com­ment is appro­ved & online .... so plea­se go the­re for fur­ther discussion ....

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