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.. The part that’s hard to under­stand is why the FBI would seek to abu­se the law in such petu­lant fashion,” he wri­tes, “kno­wing that it will be sub­ject to public ridi­cu­le for its actions.”

The maga­zi­ne Vani­ty Fair posted the FBI’s seal on its web­site in a sym­bol of jest. And, as the blog Gee­ko­sy­stem says, an edi­tor on the site aggre­ga­tor Red­dit jokes that may­be the FBI got Wiki­pe­dia con­fu­sed with Wiki­Leaks — the site that’s been causing a stir late­ly over lea­ked war docu­ments.

Cin­dy Cohn, from the Elec­tro­nic Fron­tier Foun­da­ti­on, told the New York Times, which first repor­ted this sto­ry, that she found the who­le orde­al to be “sil­ly” and “troub­ling.” .. "

Wenn man bedenkt, daß die Behör­den für der­glei­chen Dien­ste vor­wie­gend nach der "patrio­ti­schen Gesin­nung" und nicht nach Intel­li­genz der Bewe­ber sehen, scheint mir die Erklä­rung, das F.B.I. habe WIKIPEDIA mit WIKILEAKS ver­wech­selt wohl die wahr­schein­lich­ste Inter­pre­ta­ti­on des unsin­ni­gen und lächer­li­chen Vor­sto­ßes ....